2018 Music Episodes

A Downtown JamExclusive Song: “Going Down The Road Feeling Bad”

The Downtown Jam™ #36: Charles Hedgepath, Ken Ledbetter, John Martin and Karl Lauber

A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: Danny Long

The Downtown Jam #35: Charles Hedepath, Matt Fassas, Jessica Ticko and Jeff Edwards

A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: "I Know You Rider"

The Downtown Jam™# 34:Charles Hedgepath, Karl Lauber, Zac Kellum and David Sims

A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: "You Are My Sunshine."

Story #324: Rob Seel: "I share a birthday with Frankie Valli."
                     Upstate architect and musician

The Downtown Jam #33Charles Hedgepath with Andrew Oliver, Stephen Oliver and Morgan Riley

Story #321: Joshua Jones: "In 2006, I was in the Top 30 of American Idol."
                     Greenville filmmaker and musician

2018 4th of July Weekend Music Special: A celebration of celebration of Upstate South Carolina singer-songwriters

A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: "Stranger's Love"

Story #316: Tyler J. Pearson: "My childhood was baseball, fishing, dogs and listening to music in my room."
           Easley singer-songwriter

The Downtown Jam #32: Charles Hedgepath, Tyler J. Pearson, Samuel Kruer and Kelly Jo

Story #313: Taylor McCall: "When I was first learning to play guitar, they had me playing "Mary Had a
                     Little Lamb," but I wanted to play Ozzy Osbourne."

2018 Memorial Day Weekend Music Special: A celebration of Upstate South Carolina singer-songwriters.

A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out."

Story #306: Lesley DIane: "When I was a child, I fell in love with British ghost stories."
                    Greenville singer-songwriter and guitar teacher

The Downtown Jam #31: Charles Hedgepath, Mark Webb Jr, Adam Carter, Taylor McCall, Jeff Holland
                                              and Jeremy Brewer

Story #303: Andrew Oliver: "I was always up to no good as a kid."
                     singer-songwriter and one half of Brother Oliver.

A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: "Louis Collins"

Story #298: Kyle Rowland: "I've seen Wide Spread Panic in concert 28 times.
                      Taylors singer-songwrtier

The Downtown Jam #30: Charles Hedgepath and Neil Brooks

Story #295: Mary Norris: "Sometimes I communicate using animal noises rather than using
                      English."  Spartanburg singer-songwriter

A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: "Honest Abe"

Story #290: Mark Webb Jr. "I was an emo kid as a teen."
       Easley singer-songwriter

The Downtown Jam #29Charles Hedgepath and Kyle Rowland

Story #287: Biz City: "I once slept in a graveyard."
                      Greenville Christian Hip-Hop artist

A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: "Tactic Talk"

Story #283: Matthew Kay: "To be me as a kid was weird."
                      singer-songwriter and guitarist for The Hustle

The Downtown Jam #28: Charles Hedgepath and Keith Davis

Story #278: Jeremy Brewer: "My childhood was bluegrass music being played on the front porch."
                      -singer-songwriter and member of Taught By Heroes

A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: "Queen"

Story #272: Ed Campbell: "As a teen, I wanted to be Bjorn Borg."
                     Seneca singer-songwriter and member of The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show and
                      Pine Tar Rage.

The Downtown Jam #27™: Charles Hedgepath, Matt Kay and Mark Webb Jr.

Story #269: JJ Woolbright: "When I was a kid, I used to sneak out so I could listen to the music
                     from Big John's Jamboree." Westminster singer-songwriter and
                      front man for JJ Woolbright and The Whiskey Road.