2018 Music Episodes

Story #283: Matthew Kay: "To be me as a kid was weird."
                      singer-songwriter and guitarist for The Hustle

The Downtown Jam #28: Charles Hedgepath and Keith Davis

Story #278: Jeremy Brewer: "My childhood was bluegrass music being played on the front porch."
                      -singer-songwriter and member of Taught By Heroes

A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: "Queen"

Story #272: Ed Campbell: "As a teen, I wanted to be Bjorn Borg."
                     Seneca singer-songwriter and member of The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show and
                      Pine Tar Rage.

The Downtown Jam #27™: Charles Hedgepath, Matt Kay and Mark Webb Jr.

Story #269: JJ Woolbright: "When I was a kid, I used to sneak out so I could listen to the music
                     from Big John's Jamboree." Westminster singer-songwriter and
                      front man for JJ Woolbright and The Whiskey Road.