2017 Music Episodes

Story #214: Robert Gowan: "As a child, I ran around the grocery store singing at people."
                      singer and front man for Wasted Wine

The Downtown Jam #20Charles Hedgepath with Vilai Harrington and the Hamptones featuring
                                               Vilai Harrington, Connor Fagan and Matthew Crisp

Story #209: Jeff Edwards: "I'm a HUGE Dr. Who fan."
                     Greenville singer-songwriter

A Downtown JamExclusive Song: "Like The Blue Ridge Mountains"

Story #203: Alex Hunnicutt: "I learned to play music by ear from my grandfather."
                       Greenville singer-songwriter

The Downtown Jam#19: Charles Hedgepath with the Brooks Dixon Band featuring Brooks Dixon,
                                               Matt Crisp, Ross Krieg and Shane Byler

Story #199: Raybandz Saxz: "I was a band geek in high school."
                     Easley saxophone musician

A Downtown JamExclusive Song: Ghetto Blues

Story #195: Sharon Gerber: "Let me introduce you to Murgatroyd, my 200 yr old cello."
                      Greenville cellist and writer.

The Downtown Jam#18: Charles Hedgepath with Mac Arnold and a Plate Full of Blues featuring
                                             Dr. Mac Arnold, Max Hightower and Austin Brashier

Story #191: Trey Francis: "I was the kid that seemed the most responsible until it got dark outside."
                    Singer-songwriter and lead singer of the Dead 27s

A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: "Walking Shoes"

Story #184: Lisa Stubbs: "As a child, I searched the woods with a friend looking for fairies."
                    Greenville SC singer-songwriter

The Downtown Jam #17Charles Hedgepath with True Blues featuring Joe Cash, Pete Cash, Joey Gunter

Story #181: Keith Groover: "I can solve a Rubik's Cube in 45 seconds."
                    Spartanburg singer-songwriter

A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: "Brasil"

Story #176: Loretta Holloway: "As an undertaker's daughter, I had few friends growing up, except on
                                                   Halloween."  Belton jazz singer.

The Downtown Jam #16Charles Hedgepath, Samuel Kruer, Troy Jones, Matt Fassas and Nathan Gray

Story #173: Judson McKinney: "Music was in my life from the very beginning thanks to my Grandmother.  Clemson singer-songwriter

A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: "Last Time I Get Burned"

Story #168: Sympl: "I grew up an international kid in a small town with friends from all over the world." Greenville MC and rapper

The Downtown Jam #15: Charles Hedgepath with Brandon Turner, Angela Easterling and Trey Francis