2015 Music Episodes

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#58: Dr. Mac Arnold: "I moved out of my parents' home when I was 15."
         Greenville's legendary Blues musician

A Downtown Jam Exclusive song: "I May Leave"

A Downtown Jam Exclusive song from the Christmas Jam: "Jolly Old St. Nicholas"

#52: Brooks Dixon: "I ran cross country and track in high school."
          Greenville singer-songwriter.

The Downtown Jam #2: Charles Hedgepath, Marcus King, Marvin King

The Christmas Jam 2015: The Downtown Jam celebrates the holidays with Charles Hedgepath, Kelly Jo, 
   Marvin King, Darby Wilcox and Jef Chandler.

A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: "Sweet Tea"

#44: Charles Hedgepath: "At 15, I got my first professional gig from my calculus teacher."
          Greenville singer-songwriter.

The Downtown Jam # 1; Charles Hedgepath, Doug Jones, Jef Chandler

#29: David Craig: "My childhood was a whole lot of church...and a little more church."
          Greenville singer-songwriter

#26: Billy Dalton: "I quit my church youth choir because they were going to make me sing a solo."
          Greenville singer-songwriter.

#4: Matt Morgan: "I was going to be an Air Force pilot."  Greenville musician and owner of
        Sit and Spin Recording Studio