January 2017

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Story #172: Jordana Megonigal: "As a teen, I was this strange, Goth chick who fully embraced the 90s
                     Grunge movement."   Publisher of Business Black Box Magazine

Story #171: Stephanie Lewis: "I have a dog named Margaret Thatcher and we call her The Prime Minister."
                    President of the Rotary Club of Greenville

Story #170: Nick Stathakis: "Growing up, everyone around me was Greek, but I didn't grow up in Greece."
                     Stax's Original Restaurant

Story #169: Aaron Michael: "Helicopters defined my childhood."
                    WSSL 100's Afternoon Drive Host

Story #168: Sympl: "I grew up an international kid in a small town with friends from all over the world."
                     Greenville MC and rapper

Story #167: Eden Mays: "I dance with my paint gun in the paint booth."
                      Greenville Tech Auto Body Repair Teaching Lab Assistant.

The Downtown Jam #15: Charles Hedgepath with Brandon Turner, Angela Easterling and Trey Francis

Story #166: Brent Haynes: "I rode bulls as a teen without my parents' knowledge and got grounded for
                     a summer."  Owner of Foxtrot Woodworks and Design

Story #165: Monty Craig: "As a teen, I was in the nerd crowd and really into record collecting."
                     Clemson University Jazz Guitar professor

Story #164: Bruce Cannon: "As a teen, I chased girls all over South Carolina."
                    Director of Global Investigations for Michelin.

December 2016

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Story #163: Lisa Cooley Scott: "I grew up in my parents' hardware store surrounded by earthworms,
                     pot belly stove politics and peanuts in a bottle of Coke"  Mayor of Duncan, SC

Story #162: Vincent Harris: "When I was 10, a woman in a bikini handed me a cassette of AC/DC and told
                                               me it would change my life."   Music Writer for the Greenville Journal

Story #161: Allen Henderson: "Spent some of childhood chasing lizards and getting water out of cactus in
                   Arizona."   General Manager of HIS Radio

Story #160: Eric Weiler: "I own over 50 electric guitars"
                     Greenville singer-songwriter

Story #159: Jacob Ebersole: "I was really into martial arts as a kid."
                     Youth leader for Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Campobello, SC

The Downtown Jam #14Charles Hedgepath with My Girl, My Whiskey and Me.

Story #158: Jeffrey Akers: " I was a boy in a bubble for two years as a kid."
                     Pastor and Filmmaker

Special episode: Greenville Swamp Rabbits International Business Night
                             Podcast featuring local international business leaders and Swamp Rabbits loyal fans

Story #157: Angela Easterling: "Mom lost me in the mall when I was 2 and found me later banging on a
                    Piano store piano.  

The 2016 Christmas Jam: Charles Hedgepath, Jacob Johnson, Greg Payne, Matt Parks, Audrey Hamilton
                                             and My Girl, My Whiskey and Me.

Story #156: Chris Lewis: :I wanted to be firefighter when I was a kid."
                     President and General Manager of the Greenville Swamp Rabbits

Story #155: Cherington Love Shucker: "As a teen, I thought it was daring to cut school to eat
                     lunch at Carolina Fine Foods."  Ex. Dir. of the Greenville Center for Creative Arts.

November 2016

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Story #154: Tony Sturey: "I set up a weather station on the roof of my high school as a teen."
                     National Weather Service meteorologist.

Story #153: Cliff Harpst: "As a teen, I wanted to be a clothing store manager."
                     WW 2 vet and Greer ambassador

Story #152: Jannan Poppen: "My name is a Southernized version of an Arabic name meaning 'love.''
                    Greenville Travel writer

Story #151: Shane Ericks: "At 6 tears old, I was singing in a large cathedral in the Philippines."
                    Taylors singer-songwriter

Story #150: Cliff Stoudt: "In seventh grade, I was the scrawniest kid on our football team."
                     Retired NFL quarterback

Story #149: Tone Hollywood: "I was a HUGE WWF wrestling fan as a teen."
                     Greenville's HOT 98.1 morning show host

The Downtown Jam #13: Charles Hedgepath and Mourning Dove featuring Lisa Stubbs and Niel Brooks

Story #148: Mayor Larry Bagwell: "I'm a child of the Mill Village."
                      Mayor of Easley

Story #147: Nick Nicholson: "For my sixth birthday, I got an old record player, a box of 45s from
                     the 60s and a drum set."   Liberty country music singer-songwriter

October 2016

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Story #146: Tony Lee: "I was a cut up as a teen."
                     Coordinator of Greenville County Sheriff's Office Crime Stoppers

Story #145: Erin Corrales-Diaz: "I started going gray at thirteen."
                      Curator of The Johnson Collection in Spartanburg.

Story #144: Rob Dempsey: "Homeless and alone at 16."
                     HIS Radio Morning Crew radio host

Story #143: John Durham: "As a kid, I loved playing hockey."
                    Co-producer.musical director for Local Green Music

Story #142: Brittney Brackett: "I was a huge tomboy as a teen."
                     Creator of the Outstanding Youth Awards

Story #141: Anna Catherine Thornley: "I'm an only child AND 1 of 15 siblings."
                   Sales and Marketing Coordinator for the City of Greenville in Special Events.

The Downtown Jam #12: Charles Hedgepath, Mark Dye, Matt Reynolds and Dr. Luz Beatz

Story #140: Mike Jenkins: "As a teen, the Merced, CA police asked me to leave their town."
                     Greenville County Deputy patrolling the Swamp Rabbit Trail

Story #139: Rob Morgan: "I was a debater in high school."
                     CEO of UBooster

Story #138: JJ Dae: "I was a two time All American Champion wrestler in college."

September 2016

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Story #137: Fr. Dwight Longenecker: "I had a lot of barefoot moments as a kid."
                     Parish Priest of Greenville's Our Lady of the Rosary

Story #136: Jessica Sharp: "I was a cheerleader and YES, cheerleading is a sport."
                    Diversity Coordinator for Greenville Health System

Story #135: Audrey Hamilton: "My childhood was getting dirty, playing in the creek and connecting with
                      nature."  co-lead singer for the LOZ Band

Story #134: Troy Pride Jr.: "I was a weird kid growing up, playing Dragon Ball Z by myself."
                     Former Greer High Football star and current Notre Dame cornerback.

The Downtown Jam #11: Charles Hedgepath with Taylor Moore and Jacob Johnson

Story #133: Paul Webb: Some of my first memories were of race riots just across the river in Augusta."
                    The South Carolina Family Gathering

Story 132: Deb Osborne: "I played trumpet and french horn in my high school band."
                  Executive Director of the Susan G. Komen SC Mountains to the Midlands

Story #131: Kelly Mac: "I was expelled from Catholic school in the eighth grade."
                    Mid-Day host for WJMZ-FM, 107.3 JAMZ

Story #130: Matt Reynolds: "Growing up, Edwin McCain's dad was my pediatrician."
                     Greenville singer-songwriter/tour manager for Dark Star Orchestra

Story #129: Carol Goldsmith: "Where I grew up, we had nine months of winter and three months
                    of slush."  Greenville's WYFF 4 news anchor

August 2016

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Story #128: Anthony Proietta: "I was obsessed with playing the guitar as a teen."
                     Private Investigator, owner of Anthony Proietta and Associates Investigation.

Story #127: Rosylin Weston: "I graduated high school at 16 and college at 20."
                    Vice President of Communication and Community Relations for the GSP Airport DIstrict

Story #126: Sue Myers: "I basically grew up in a L. L. Bean catalogue."
                     Upstate radio personality

Story #125: Fayssoux Starling McLeann: "My childhood memories include cotter pins, boat motors and
                    fishing poles."  Spartanburg singer-songwriter

Story #124: Nicole Livengood: "I have a tattoo of one of my Grandma's forks on my forearm."
                    Food blogger with Gapcreekgourmet.com

Story #123: Caroline T. Robertson: "I always sat in the front of the class as a kid, so I wouldn't fall asleep."
                    Executive Director of Greer Relief

The Downtown Jam #10: Charles Hedgepath and The Marcus King Band

Story #122: Amy Bright: "Tolkien and C.S. Lewis made my childhood."
                    Belly Dancer and owner of Greer's Bright Eyed Belly Dance"

Story #121: Joe Jacobi: "As a kid, I kayaked on the Potomac River near DC."
                     1992 Olympic Gold Medalist: whitewater canoe slalom

Story #120: Daniel Z: " I was a bit unruly as a teen."
                    Multi-media performance artist

July 2016

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Story #119: Kyle Mensing: "I dabbled in break dancing in high school."
                    Greer Development and Greer Station

Story #118: Sharon Murry: "As a teen, I memorized Tennyson's Idylls of the King just for fun."
                   Owner and manager of The Spinning Jenny in Greer

Story #117: Dana McConnell: "Some of my favorite memories growing up involve bass fishing."
                   Executive Director of the Center for Developmental Services

Story #116: George Beardsworth: "My childhood was playing in puddles and being a little daredevil."
                    Mauldin singer-songwriter and madolin player for My Girl, My Whiskey and Me

Story #115: Ben Ebel: "As a teen, I cut up our couch with my sister's oboe knife trying to get her in trouble."
                   Innovation Deployment Director for Michelin

The Downtown Jam #9: Charles Hedgepath with Justin Hill, Tim White and Donnie Blackwell.

Story #114: Action Jackson: "Whenever I had to speak in front of the class in high school, I was petrified."
                   Greenville's Magic 98.9 FM radio host.

Story #113: Eddie Martin: "When I was a kid, my folks would call me in for the night by coming out on the
                                            porch and hollering my name."
                   Singer-songwriter and leader of Conservation Theory.

Story #112: Gene Smith: "At 17, I was 5'11, but now, I'm 6'5".
                     Executive Director for Greenville County Recreation

June 2016

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Story #111: Deborah McKetty: "As a teen, I spent the summer in the West Indies doing community work
                  thanks to the Girl Scouts.  CEO of Community Works Carolina

Story #110: Zac Johnson: "I was dyslexic as a child and didn't really read until I was 9."
                   Promotions Manager for Taylors' Academy of Arts

Story #109: Austen Hayes: "I was a shy kid who liked to build things."
                     CEO and co-founder of Recovr

Story #108: Deb Sofield: "As a little girl, I used my brothers' trucks to run over my little tea sets."
                     Greenville Water Commissioner and Executive Speech Coach

Story #107: Rich Hefty: "I grew up in a place called Happy Valley."
                    Community Manager for the Taylors Farmers Market

Story #106: Darby Wilcox: "At 15, my Juno email account was huge for me and my secret boyfriend."
                     Greenville singer-songwriter

Story #105: Nika White: "I was a very curious child."
                   Greenville Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion.

The Downtown Jam #8Charles Hedgepath and LOZ featuring John Durham, Wes Treadway, Sam Kruer, 
                                           Audrey Hamilton and Josh Forbus

Story #104: Thayer Hall: "I played other sports as a kid, but one day I caught a volleyball and that changed everything.
                   2015 Dorman High Volleyball Player of the Year

Story #103: Daniel Harper: "I was a high school jock, winning 2 state football championships."
                    San Souci singer-songwriter

May 2016

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Story #102: Ruta Fox: "I threw up on Elizabeth Taylor."
                  Greenville freelance writer and president of Divine Diamonds

Story #101: Anthony Milian: "As a teen, I didn't get into a lot of trouble, but I didn't do everything I should."
                 Creator of Faces of the Upstate, Greenville Center for Creative Arts Fellow

Story #100: Chris White: "I was a teenage politician."
                     Greenville Independent Filmmaker.

Story #99: Glenda ManWaring: "As a kid,I'd try anything adventurous and getting hurt was the norm."
                    Executive Artistic Director for Greenville's Centre Stage

Story #98: Don Foster: "Growing up, my mom led me down the path of music with a hickory stick."
                   Easley music teacher and songwriter.

Story #97: Mayor Rick Danner: "In high school, I embraced the bell bottom, long hair culture of the 60s."
                   Mayor of Greer

The Downtown Jam #7: Charles Hedgepath and the Piedmont Boys featuring Greg Payne and Stuart McConnell.

Story #96: Charlie Munson: "My dad made an ice skating rink in the front yard with a lawn sprinkler."
                   WESC, 92.5 FM  morning show host.

Story #95: Max Hightower: "My childhood buddy was a horse named Cinnamon."
                   Greer singer-songwriter

Story #94: JD Mangrum: "I was a really rebellious teen who did some dumb things."
                   Pastor of Origins Greenville

April 2016

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Story 93: John Warner: "I flew combat missions in Vietnam in a C-130."
                Vice President, Finance and Administration for the SC Governor's School for the Arts.

Story 92: Christopher George: "I was a surly, grunge teenager."
                 Multimedia Communication Specialist at the City of Spartanburg.

Story 91: Tavo Ramirez: "I wanted to be an architect when I was a teen."
                Greenville Hip Hop artist and record producer

Story 90: Ava Smith: "At an early age, I was diagnosed as legally blind.
                 Owner of Flat Fee Recruiting

Story 89: Renee Denton: "As a teen, I spent a lot of time looking at and talking about birds."
                 Director of CARMA Inc and on air host for WNCW 88.7 FM

The Downtown Jam #6Charles Hedgepath, Samuel Kruer, Jim Rollins, Matt Purinton

Story 88: Jeff Bullock: "Life for me as a teen was growing up carefree on the beach."
                 The Director of the Greenville Zoo

Story 87: Garland McQueen: "As a teen, I planned on going into the Ministry."
                 General Manager of Spartanburg's Hub City Co-op.

March 2016

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Story #86: Kelly Jo: "I was a nerdy, honor roll teen."
                   Greenville singer-songwriter.

Story #85; Christy Henderson: "Early in my career, if i got the weather report wrong, I wouldn't leave my
                   apartment."   WSPA News 7 Chief Meteorologist

Story #84: Catie Buckingham: "As a kid, my bike had a name: Daddy's Girl."
                   Operations Director for Greenville's Engenius

Story #83: Cristy Ray: "My childhood included big wheels, saddle shoes and Soul Train."
                   President of the Greer Farmers Market.

Story #82: Kipp Tribble: "As a kid, I was milking cows and goats and chasing chickens."
                   Greenville-raised actor, director, producer, writer

Story #81: Sheriff Steven Mueller: "I was a rambunctious child growing up; always getting into trouble."
                  Sheriff of Cherokee County

Story #80: Jef Chandler: "I'm the son of a Mill Village preacher."
                   San Souci singer=songwriter

Story #79: Craig Debolt: " Growing up, I lived on a dirt road named after my family."
                Program and Continuity Director for Earth FM and Conservative Talk 94.5, Spartanburg

The Downtown Jam #5: Charles Hedgepath, Brandon Turner, Freddie Vanderford

Story #78: Kelly Byers: "I was a cheerleader for 12 years growing up."
                   Travelers Rest City Councilwoman and Community Engagement Manager with The Family Effect

Story #77: Jacob Johnson: "As a teen, I considered becoming a magician for a career."
                   Travelers Rest singer-songwriter


February 2016

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Story #76: Burke Royster: " I was commander of our Naval ROTC in high school."
                   Superintendent of Greenville County Schools

Story #75: Trevor Gordon: "My favorite teacher was named Mort and she was really mean."
                    Founder and CEO of Sandlapper Securities.

Story #74: Lizz Ryals: "My teenage self loved bubble gum pop music but dress as a punk rocker."
                  Upstate radio personality from My 102.5 and WESC 92.5, Easley

Story #73: Sheriff John Skipper Jr. "I got my driver's license and first car at 14"
                   Anderson County Sheriff

Story #72: Marcus King: "I spent my childhood hanging out with my father and grandfather playing music."                      Greenville singer-songwriter

Story #71: Marvin King: "I was born at Donaldson Air Force Base."
                  Greenville singer-songwriter

Story #70: David Allen: "I'm 6' 5" and no, I didn't play basketball."
                   Owner of Greenville's The Chuck Truck and Half-Apped food trucks

The Downtown Jam #4: Charles Hedgepath, Fayssoux Starling McLean, Baker Maultsby, David Ezell

Story #69: Alix Bernard: "Books are my cocaine."
                      Co-owner of Joe's Place Bookstore in downtown Greenville.

Story #68: Lynne Holcombe: "I've been to Burning Man five times."
                     Greenville Singer-songwriter

Story #67: Zachary Eikenberry: "I grew up around beards, bonnets and wooden pews on Sundays"
                     Founding CEO of Greenville's Next High School

January, 2016

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Story #66: Joe Gagnon: "I was the goofiest troublemaker on the planet as a kid."
                   Fox Carolina Feature News Reporter

Story #65: Sheriff Ricky Chastain: " I started my own sawmill when I was a teenager."
                   Laurens County Sheriff

Story #64: Toby Stansell: "I grew up where the atomic bomb was invented and created."
                   President and COO of Greenville's AcumenIT

Story #63: Megan Hoyt: "I know a chicken."
                  Easley musician and music therapist

Story #62: Jennifer Evins: "My early career in the Upstate included pencils, paperclips and garbage."
                   President and CEO of Spartanburg's Chapman Cultural Center.

The Downtown Jam #3: Charles Hedgepath, Kelly Jo, Darby Wilcox

Story #61: William Brown: "I milked a cow everyday from fifth grade through graduation."
                  Founder and Board Chair of Legacy Charter School

Story #60: Hans Wenzel: "I was late to school so often as a teen, they stopped giving me detention for it."
                  Greenville singer-songwriter

Story #59: Rick Erwin: "My first job was washing dishes at The Western Family Steakhouse at 14."
                  Owner of Greenville's Rick Erwin Dining Group


December 2015

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The Christmas Jam 2015: The Downtown Jam celebrates the holidays with Charles Hedgepath, 
    Kelly Jo, Marvin King, Darby Wilcox and Jef Chandler. Greenville

#50: Emily Price: "I own an African Pygmy Hedgehog named Flower."  Digital Strategist for
Community Journals and Furman University Adjunct Professor of Digital Communication.  Greenville

#51: Jimm Cox: "My childhood home had no running water or central heat."
         Director of USC Upstate Theater, Spartanburg

The Downtown Jam #2: Charles Hedgepath, Marcus King, Marvin King.

#52: Brooks Dixon: "I ran cross country and track in high school."  
         Greenville singer-songwriter.

#53: Steve Loftis: "My first car was an aqua green 1965 Mustang."
          Sheriff of Greenville County.

#54: Harrison Brookie: "I was the 'lovable little buddy' as a teen, pretty irresponsible and pretty fun."
          Founder and Creative DIrector for Greenville's Alchemy Comedy Theater.

#55: Mike Pennington: "I was not the popular kid in high school."
         President of Greenville Chamber's Pulse and owner of Rhino Concessions.

#56: Allen McCalla: "The fun part of my job is that it's so different every day."
          Executive Artistic Director of the Greenville Little Theater.

#57: Dr. Eric McKibben: "I observed an open heart surgery when I was 16."
         Clemson University Adjunct Professor of Psychology and co-founder of LMX Concierge.com

#58: Dr. Mac Arnold: "I moved out of my parents' house when I was 15."
          Greenville's legendary Blues musician

November 2015 Guests

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#40: Cecil Bonner: " I was raised with 14 kids in a three bedroom house."
         Anderson District 5 Career Campus principal

#41: Mark Dawson: "I went to high school in California, Germany and North Dakota."
         Kemet Business Intelligence Dept. Team Leader, Greenville

#42: Stephanie Dawson: "I went to an all-girl Catholic high school."  Greenville LPN

#43: John F. Green, "My most distinctive childhood memories are White Sox games with Dad."
          Director of the Spartanburg Science Center

The Downtown Jam #1; Charles Hedgepath, Doug Jones, Jef Chandler

#44: Charles Hedgepath: "At 15, I got my first professional gig from my calculus teacher."
         Greenville singer-songwriter

#45: Eddie Leopard: "I hung out with the wrong crowd as a teen which led me down the wrong road for a
         little while."  Lead Pastor of Greer's Fariview Baptist Church.

#46: Evan Harris: "My childhood memories include sporting a rat tail and Members Only jacket."
         Greenville Improv comedian, actor and podcaster.

#47: Rakhi Barkowski: "My childhood includes a small village in India, a motel in Stockton, CA and Silicon Valley"  Powdersville board certified internist.

#48: Mayor Knox White: "My childhood included opening a store and starting a newspaper."
         Mayor of Greenville.

#49: Jeremy Boeh: "I had zero ambition or drive as a teenager."  
         Greenville's Next High School Entrepreneurship Director

October 2015 Guests

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#35: Timothy Cunningham: "They called my brothers and me, the A-team."  artist and teacher,

#36: Ben Philips: "I was in radio at the age of 6."  Exec. Dir. of Anderson Lights of Hope

#37: Ben Baldridge: "I created my own tournament brackets at the age of 5." 
         Exec. Dir. of Upward Stars Upstate, Spartanburg

#38: Toby Capece: "I had a pretty simple country life." President of Focus POS Systems,

#39: Raven Magwood: "I started college at 16." author and motivational speaker, Greenville

September 2015 Guests

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#31: Bill Ellis: "I was the only 11th grader on my JV football team.  Greenville Radio personality

#32: Michael Craig: "Growing up, if I wanted a hot dog, I had to use the side door, buy it and get
        out." Retired Michelin and Bowater man, Easley

#33: Chuck Wright: "At 16, I was a junior fireman." Spartanburg County Sherriff

#34: Ryan Thackray: "As a teen, I traded surfing for serving ice cream to the tourists."
         Dir. of Development for the Meyer Center for Special Children, Greenville

August 2015 Guests

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#27: Mary Nase: "As a child, I ate K-rations at a DP camp near Auschwitz."
        General Manager of Mast General Store, Greenville.

#28: Megan Heidlberg: "My childhood was a dirty laundry, red clay world."
         Co-host of WSPA's Your Carolina, Spartanburg

#29: David Craig: "My childhood was a whole lot of church...and a little more church."
         Singer-songwriter and Greenville County firefighter.

#30: Nancy Halverson: "At 13, I auditioned for General Hospital, but I didn't know it."
         President of CEO of The Children's Museum Upstate, Greenville

July 2015 Guests

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#22: Kay Roper: "I'm 4th generation Greenvillian." Exec. Dir. of the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance

#23: Brad Moore: "I've been accused of being too serious, but really and truly, I'm a goofball."
        Powdersville Elementary School principal

#24: Leighton Cubbage: "I thought I was going to be in the NFL." 
         Chairman of Serrus Capital Partners, Greenville

#25: Rebecca Feldman: "I absolutely loved that small town feeling growing up."
        Co-owner of Two Men and a Truck and President of Junior League of Greenville

#26: Billy Dalton: "I quit my church youth choir to avoid singing a solo."
        Singer-songwriter, Greenville

June 2015 Guests

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#18: Traci Fant, "As a child, I sat on Rosa Park's front porch." CEO of Think2xTwice.org, Greenville

#19: Curtis Harper: "My first job, at 13, was loading the burgers on the conveyor belt."
        Broker-in-Charge of Sirius Realty, Greenville

#20: Dean Hybl: "The county where I grew up still does not have a stop light."
         Exec. Dir. of Ten at the Top, Greenville

#21: John Warner: "Growing up, we didn't have much, but we didn't know we didn't have much."
        CEO of Concepts to Companies, Greenville