August 2018

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Story #337: Loyd Ford: "As a teen, I lived all over the country."
                      host of The Stories of the Upstate.

Story #336: David White: "I was born on April Fool's Day."
                         founder and CEO of Fostering Great Ideas

Story #335: Ariel Turner: "As a teen, I wanted to be in the CIA."
                     Greenville Journal restaurant and commercial real estate reporter.

Story #334: Travis Wharton: "All the people who lived on the street where I grew up were related
                       to me."   Spartanburg Education Coordinator for the Urban League of the Upstate

Story #333: Moody Black: "I was always drawing and painting as a teen."
                      Poet and spoken word artist

Story #332: Jeremy Theall: "I was one of the best runners in South Carolina when I was in high school."
                       Founder of Future Chord

Story #331: Ben Bounds: "I once interviewed Bo and Luke Duke."
                    owner of Follywood Productions

The Downtown Jam™# 34: Charles Hedgepath, Karl Lauber, Zac Kellum and David Sims

Story #330: Pamela Evette: "I was the youngest of 35 cousins."
                      President and CEO of Quality Business Solutions

Story #329: Lindsey Dixon: "My childhood was sand between my toes, salt water in my hair
                      and PB&J for lunch."     Manger of Downtown Greenville's Chicora Alley