June 2018

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Story #316: Tyler J. Pearson: "My childhood was baseball, fishing, dogs and listening to music in my room."
                    Easley singer-songwriter

Story #315: Lauren Stephens: "I learned to spell by jumping rope."
                    Director of Social Ministries for Greenville's Salvation Army

The Downtown Jam™ #32:  Charles Hedgeath, Tyler J. Pearson, Samuel Kruer and Kelly Jo

Story #314: Ryan Heafy: "One year for Valentine's Day, I gave carnations to every girl in my high school,
                                           430+ girls."   GVLToday

Story #313" Taylor McCall: "When I was first learning guitar, they had me playing "Mary Had a
                      Little Lamb, but I wanted to play Ozzy Osbourne."  Easley singer-songwriter

Story #312: Teresa Hough: "I was the female James Dean in high school, a definite rebel."
                     Executive Director of Ballet Spartanburg