May 2018

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Story #308: Eli Harrison: " I started my first company when I was 12, selling duct tape wallets."
                      Next High School student and CEO of All Pro Learning

Story #307: Tim Waller: " I was a wild teenager with long bushy hair and a solid brass Styx belt buckle."

Story #306: Lesley Diane: "When I was a child, I fell in love with British ghost stories."
                      Greenville singer-songwriter and guitar teacher

Story #305: Brent Manley: "I was once a casino dealer."
                      Triathlete coach with Greenville's Without Limits.

The Downtown Jam #31: Charles Hedgepath, Mark Webb Jr, Adam Carter, Taylor McCall, Jeff Holland
                                             and Jeremy Brewer.

Story #304: Blair Knobel: "I will travel for food."
                     Editor-in-Chief of Town Magazine

Story #303: Andrew Oliver: "I was always up to no good as a kid."
                       singer-songwriter and one half of the band Brother Oliver