March 2018

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Story #289: Tricia Eichhorn: "I make any excuse to wear costumes throughout October because I am
 obsessed with Halloween."   GHS Bariatric Surgeon

The Downtown Jam #29: Charles Hegepath and Kyle Rowland

Story #288: John DeWorken: "I wanted to be a fireman when I was a kid."
                     Owner/partner with The Sunnie & DeWorken Group

Story #287: Biz City: "I once slept in a graveyard."
                      Greenville Christian Hip-Hop artist

Story #286: Meredith Rigdon: "My older brother kicked my teeth out on Christmas Eve when I
                      was seven."  Founder of Narrative Strategic Communications

Story #285: Chase Michaels: "I was a bit of a prankster as a teen.
                      CEO of Greenville's Locally Epic