October 2018

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Story #346-R: Danielle Cuddie: “I was 100% certain that our house was not normal growing up.”

Story #345-R: Steve Bailey: “In my house, if you didn’t attain the rank of Eagle Scout, you didn’t eat.”
CEO of Merus Refreshment Services

Story #344-R: Phil Yanov: “I didn’t spend much time around people as a kid.”
Tech After Five, Greenville

The Downtown Jam #36: Charles Hedgepath, Ken Ledbetter, John Martin and Karl Lauber

Story #343-R: Bill Love: “At the age of five, I had the run of the town.
local radio legend

Story #342-R: Laurie Roven: "“I was a great Good Humor lady.”
Executive Director of Greenville’s Pendleton Place