September 2017

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Story #242: Leslie Haas: "I'm a total nerd who can tell you everything about how the body works
                     biologically."   Co-Founder and Strategsit at Paper Airplanes

Story #241: Kevin Mihaly: "The Jersey boardwalks were my childhood complete with pinball machines, 
                      cotton candy and hot dogs."  Emmy winner, former ESPN staffer and photographer

Story #240: Gray Lee: "I spent my childhood by myself drawing, writing poems and re-purposing my toys."
                      Greenville balladeer.

Story #239: Allen Smith: "In 5th grade, I was Elvis."
                     President and CEO of the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce

Story #238: Deb Richardson-Moore: "I jokingly say my night light saved my marriage."
                     Author and pastor of the Triune Mercy Center.

The Downtown Jam #23Charles Hedgepath, John Durham and Rush Morgan

Story #237: Seldon Peden: " As a kid, I wasn't a rule breaker.  I was more of a 'rule tester'."
                     Greenville Summary Court Judge

Story #236: Heidi Chapman: "I'm actually really epic at the kazoo."
                      Lead singer of Randomonium

Story #235: Dirk Van Hyning: "I've taken things that my kids discarded and turned them
                       into art, like a NYC subway map made with Tinkertoys."
                    CEO of Alexium International