August 2017

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Story #230: Dr. Richard Gibbons: "As a teen, I was in a band, playing guitar and various Celtic Folk music
                                                         Instruments.: Pastor of Greenville's 1st Presbyterian Church

Story #229: Jeff Holland: "I got my first Mickey Mouse drum set when I as 5 and wore it out by the time I
                       was 5 and a half."  Multi-ethnic percussionist and instructor with DRUM4WORK.

Story #228: Emily McSherry: "My childhood home came with a horse, some goats, chickens and a few pigs.
                      Founder of Cannabis Forward

The Downtown Jam #22: Charles Hedgepath, Shannon Hoover and Jack Ryan.

Story #227: Dumah: "My earliest art memories involve drawing Speedy Gonzalez."
                      Greenville live music painter and free lance artist.

Story #226: Lecretia Robinson: " Starting when I was 2 yrs old, I sang with a traveling 4-part
                     harmony quartet."  singer-songwriter with The ThunderRoad Band