July 2017

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Story #225: Megan Finnern: "I spent a few weeks a year in the hospital until I was 10 yrs old."
                      Independent Marketing Consultant

Story #224: Cliff Witherspoon: "I love science, physics, and chemistry; basically I'm really a geek at heart.
                      owner of Red Arrow Entertainment.

Story #223: Tim Joiner: "I built my hometown's first website and the mayor's re-election website when
                      I was 14."  CEO of 3Fold Creative

Story #222: Will Lewis: "My childhood was all about fishing, hunting and farming."
                      Sheriff of Greenville County

Story #221: Steve Watson: "I was playing gigs in night clubs with high school seniors when I was in 7th grade."         Greenville jazz musician and teacher

Story #220: Lenny Mathis: "I’ve been a sports mascot from time to time, including once as a running toilet."
                      Associate Athletic Director of Marketing for Wofford

The Downtown Jam "21: A tribute to Matt Reynolds featuring his original music performed by
                                            Charles Hedgepath, Darby Wilcox and Mark Charles Dye.

Story #219: Monroe Free: "My wife and I are total nerds; we rock at Trivial Pursuit."
                     President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Greenville

Story #218: Troy Jones: "Growing up, I played roller hockey with the neighbor kids, including all the fights
                     which we loved."  Greenville musician

Story #217: Katie Hughes: "As a kid, I woke up to Vivaldi and Chopin, rather than an alarm clock"
                     Special Events Coordinator for the Village of West Greenville