April 2017

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Story #197: Mark Hartwell Jones: "I was involved in a low speed car chase in Spokane, Washington."
                     Creator and host of The Hoodoo Music Podcast

Story #196: Jonathan Willis: "I'm a huge nerd who loves Pokémon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."
                     Owner of Farm Fresh Fast

Story #195: Sharon Gerber: "Let me introduce you to Murgatroyd, my 200 yd old cello."
                     Greenvile cellist and writer.

Story #194: Dr. Jermaine Whirl: "I read 1000 books in the first grade."
                    Vice President of Economic Development and Corporate Training for Greenville Tech

Story #193: Sheila Merck: "I have an affinity for old cars and junkyards, thanks to my 4 brothers"
                      Coordinator and co-host of Merk Mountain Events.

The Downtown Jam #18: Charles Hedgepath with Mac Arnold and a Plate Full of Blues featuring
                                              Dr. Mac Arnold, Max Hightower and Austin Brashier

Story #192: Scott Talley: "I was "the dork" as a teen."
                      Lawyer and SC State Senator

Story #191: Trey Francis: "I was the kid who seemed the most responsible until it got dark outside."
                    Singer-songwriter and lead singer of the Dead 27s

Story #190: Barbie T.: "Barney was my best friend as a kid."
                     Radio host with Hollywood in the Morning on HOT 98.1