February, 2017

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Story #180: John Wright Jr.: "I was a walk-on defensive lineman at Clemson University."
                     Commercial real estate agent with McCoy Wright Real Estate

Story #179: Amy Wood: "I performed with ABBA in Sweden."
                      WSPA News 7 anchor

Story #178: Paton Blough: "I started working on a commercial fishing boat when I was 14."
                    Mental health advocate and founder of Rehinge.com

Story #177: Kelly VanLeeuwen: "My childhood was a sunny, playful outdoor life and Big Wheels
                     owner of MAYA Movement Arts

Story #176: Loretta Holloway: "As the daughter of an undertaker, I had few friends growing up, except on
                                                   Halloween."  Belton jazz singer

Story #175: Bailie: "As a teen, I stole the Bi-Lo cow and boy, was it heavy."
                       Spartanburg visual artist and art teacher

The Downtown Jam #16Charles Hedgepath, Samuel Kruer, Troy Jones, Matt Fassas and Nathan Gray

Story #174: Jackie Shapiro Brooker: "As a kid, I ate grits, bagels and fried plantains."
                    Off The Grid Greenville

Story #173: Judson McKinney: "Music was in my life from the very beginning thanks to my
                      Grandmother."  Clemson singer-songwriter.