December 2017

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Story #268: Russell Stall: "In high school, I knew Greenville wasn't cool and I was getting out and never
                      coming back."  Organizer of TEDx Greenville and Greenville City Councilman

Story #267: Jeff Rose: "My mind is like a gyroscope lit on fire."
                     South Carolina photographer

Story #266: Brad Willis: "Wil Wheaton got me my job."
                      Greenville poker writer

Story #265: JL Fulks: "I was a sponsored skate boarder for a couple local skate shops when I was a teen."

Story #264: Dr. Elizabeth Morris: "I was on Team USA for synchronized ice skating in 2005-2006."
                         Dr. of family medicine focusing on lifestyle medicine

The Downtown Jam #26: Charles Hegepath and The Bad Popes featuring Mike Bagwell, 
                                                Chris Garrett, Jef Chandler and Joe Cash.

Story #263: Matthew Rollins: "I was an only child and spent many a day slinging a tennis
                      ball against my grandparent's garage."

Story #262: Brad Keaton: "We didn't watch TV when I was a kid; we didn't even own one."
                       Moore, SC singer-songwriter

Story #261: Lynn Pilewski: "I fed chickens to the alligators over the fence in my backyard
   growing up."  Education Program Coordinator, Greenville County Soil and Water Conservation