November 2017

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Story #260: Dick James: "I was a parole officer while I was in law school."
                       Greenville attorney and senior partner in the Dick James Law FIrm

Story #259: Con Williamson: "I was a 98 lb wrestler in high school."
                      co-President and CCO of E P + Co

Story #258: Wendy Watkins: "I once bought a bacon costume for Halloween."
                       -Owner of Upstate Nutrition and Plate 108

Story #257: Ryan Heil: "I was a bit clumsy and goofy as a kid."
                     Former CM of Zipbuds and Clemson PhD candidate

Story #256: Morgan Riley: "I took hip hip and belly dancing classes when I was a teen and got really good
                      at both." Greenville singer-songwriter."

Story #255: Perry J. William, "I'm a fanatic about beets and love to cook them in multitude different ways."
                      Chairman of Greer Commission of Public Works.

Story #254: Andrea Cooper: Building forts and ice skating with my friends were a big part of my childhood.
                        Executive Director of Upstate Forever

The Downtown Jam™ #25: Charles Hedgepath, Alex Hunnicutt, and Daniel Harper

Story #253: John Jeter: "For a few years growing up, I had the biggest, best, safest playground and 1, 800
                      older brothers."   Converse College adjunct professor and freelance writer.

Story #252: Rush Morgan: "I was always getting into mischief as a teen and was good at keeping
                      it a secret."  Central singer-songwriter.