January 2017

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Story #172: Jordana Megonigal: "As a teen, I was this strange, Goth chick who fully embraced the 90s
                     Grunge movement."   Publisher of Business Black Box Magazine

Story #171: Stephanie Lewis: "I have a dog named Margaret Thatcher and we call her The Prime Minister."
                    President of the Rotary Club of Greenville

Story #170: Nick Stathakis: "Growing up, everyone around me was Greek, but I didn't grow up in Greece."
                     Stax's Original Restaurant

Story #169: Aaron Michael: "Helicopters defined my childhood."
                    WSSL 100's Afternoon Drive Host

Story #168: Sympl: "I grew up an international kid in a small town with friends from all over the world."
                     Greenville MC and rapper

Story #167: Eden Mays: "I dance with my paint gun in the paint booth."
                      Greenville Tech Auto Body Repair Teaching Lab Assistant.

The Downtown Jam #15: Charles Hedgepath with Brandon Turner, Angela Easterling and Trey Francis

Story #166: Brent Haynes: "I rode bulls as a teen without my parents' knowledge and got grounded for
                     a summer."  Owner of Foxtrot Woodworks and Design

Story #165: Monty Craig: "As a teen, I was in the nerd crowd and really into record collecting."
                     Clemson University Jazz Guitar professor

Story #164: Bruce Cannon: "As a teen, I chased girls all over South Carolina."
                    Director of Global Investigations for Michelin.