August 2016

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Story #128: Anthony Proietta: "I was obsessed with playing the guitar as a teen."
                     Private Investigator, owner of Anthony Proietta and Associates Investigation.

Story #127: Rosylin Weston: "I graduated high school at 16 and college at 20."
                    Vice President of Communication and Community Relations for the GSP Airport DIstrict

Story #126: Sue Myers: "I basically grew up in a L. L. Bean catalogue."
                     Upstate radio personality

Story #125: Fayssoux Starling McLeann: "My childhood memories include cotter pins, boat motors and
                    fishing poles."  Spartanburg singer-songwriter

Story #124: Nicole Livengood: "I have a tattoo of one of my Grandma's forks on my forearm."
                    Food blogger with

Story #123: Caroline T. Robertson: "I always sat in the front of the class as a kid, so I wouldn't fall asleep."
                    Executive Director of Greer Relief

The Downtown Jam #10: Charles Hedgepath and The Marcus King Band

Story #122: Amy Bright: "Tolkien and C.S. Lewis made my childhood."
                    Belly Dancer and owner of Greer's Bright Eyed Belly Dance"

Story #121: Joe Jacobi: "As a kid, I kayaked on the Potomac River near DC."
                     1992 Olympic Gold Medalist: whitewater canoe slalom

Story #120: Daniel Z: " I was a bit unruly as a teen."
                    Multi-media performance artist