July 2016

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Story #119: Kyle Mensing: "I dabbled in break dancing in high school."
                    Greer Development and Greer Station

Story #118: Sharon Murry: "As a teen, I memorized Tennyson's Idylls of the King just for fun."
                   Owner and manager of The Spinning Jenny in Greer

Story #117: Dana McConnell: "Some of my favorite memories growing up involve bass fishing."
                   Executive Director of the Center for Developmental Services

Story #116: George Beardsworth: "My childhood was playing in puddles and being a little daredevil."
                    Mauldin singer-songwriter and madolin player for My Girl, My Whiskey and Me

Story #115: Ben Ebel: "As a teen, I cut up our couch with my sister's oboe knife trying to get her in trouble."
                   Innovation Deployment Director for Michelin

The Downtown Jam #9: Charles Hedgepath with Justin Hill, Tim White and Donnie Blackwell.

Story #114: Action Jackson: "Whenever I had to speak in front of the class in high school, I was petrified."
                   Greenville's Magic 98.9 FM radio host.

Story #113: Eddie Martin: "When I was a kid, my folks would call me in for the night by coming out on the
                                            porch and hollering my name."
                   Singer-songwriter and leader of Conservation Theory.

Story #112: Gene Smith: "At 17, I was 5'11, but now, I'm 6'5".
                     Executive Director for Greenville County Recreation