June 2016

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Story #111: Deborah McKetty: "As a teen, I spent the summer in the West Indies doing community work
                  thanks to the Girl Scouts.  CEO of Community Works Carolina

Story #110: Zac Johnson: "I was dyslexic as a child and didn't really read until I was 9."
                   Promotions Manager for Taylors' Academy of Arts

Story #109: Austen Hayes: "I was a shy kid who liked to build things."
                     CEO and co-founder of Recovr

Story #108: Deb Sofield: "As a little girl, I used my brothers' trucks to run over my little tea sets."
                     Greenville Water Commissioner and Executive Speech Coach

Story #107: Rich Hefty: "I grew up in a place called Happy Valley."
                    Community Manager for the Taylors Farmers Market

Story #106: Darby Wilcox: "At 15, my Juno email account was huge for me and my secret boyfriend."
                     Greenville singer-songwriter

Story #105: Nika White: "I was a very curious child."
                   Greenville Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion.

The Downtown Jam #8Charles Hedgepath and LOZ featuring John Durham, Wes Treadway, Sam Kruer, 
                                           Audrey Hamilton and Josh Forbus

Story #104: Thayer Hall: "I played other sports as a kid, but one day I caught a volleyball and that changed everything.
                   2015 Dorman High Volleyball Player of the Year

Story #103: Daniel Harper: "I was a high school jock, winning 2 state football championships."
                    San Souci singer-songwriter