May 2016

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Story #102: Ruta Fox: "I threw up on Elizabeth Taylor."
                  Greenville freelance writer and president of Divine Diamonds

Story #101: Anthony Milian: "As a teen, I didn't get into a lot of trouble, but I didn't do everything I should."
                 Creator of Faces of the Upstate, Greenville Center for Creative Arts Fellow

Story #100: Chris White: "I was a teenage politician."
                     Greenville Independent Filmmaker.

Story #99: Glenda ManWaring: "As a kid,I'd try anything adventurous and getting hurt was the norm."
                    Executive Artistic Director for Greenville's Centre Stage

Story #98: Don Foster: "Growing up, my mom led me down the path of music with a hickory stick."
                   Easley music teacher and songwriter.

Story #97: Mayor Rick Danner: "In high school, I embraced the bell bottom, long hair culture of the 60s."
                   Mayor of Greer

The Downtown Jam #7: Charles Hedgepath and the Piedmont Boys featuring Greg Payne and Stuart McConnell.

Story #96: Charlie Munson: "My dad made an ice skating rink in the front yard with a lawn sprinkler."
                   WESC, 92.5 FM  morning show host.

Story #95: Max Hightower: "My childhood buddy was a horse named Cinnamon."
                   Greer singer-songwriter

Story #94: JD Mangrum: "I was a really rebellious teen who did some dumb things."
                   Pastor of Origins Greenville