April 2016

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Story 93: John Warner: "I flew combat missions in Vietnam in a C-130."
                Vice President, Finance and Administration for the SC Governor's School for the Arts.

Story 92: Christopher George: "I was a surly, grunge teenager."
                 Multimedia Communication Specialist at the City of Spartanburg.

Story 91: Tavo Ramirez: "I wanted to be an architect when I was a teen."
                Greenville Hip Hop artist and record producer

Story 90: Ava Smith: "At an early age, I was diagnosed as legally blind.
                 Owner of Flat Fee Recruiting

Story 89: Renee Denton: "As a teen, I spent a lot of time looking at and talking about birds."
                 Director of CARMA Inc and on air host for WNCW 88.7 FM

The Downtown Jam #6Charles Hedgepath, Samuel Kruer, Jim Rollins, Matt Purinton

Story 88: Jeff Bullock: "Life for me as a teen was growing up carefree on the beach."
                 The Director of the Greenville Zoo

Story 87: Garland McQueen: "As a teen, I planned on going into the Ministry."
                 General Manager of Spartanburg's Hub City Co-op.