February 2016

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Story #76: Burke Royster: " I was commander of our Naval ROTC in high school."
                   Superintendent of Greenville County Schools

Story #75: Trevor Gordon: "My favorite teacher was named Mort and she was really mean."
                    Founder and CEO of Sandlapper Securities.

Story #74: Lizz Ryals: "My teenage self loved bubble gum pop music but dress as a punk rocker."
                  Upstate radio personality from My 102.5 and WESC 92.5, Easley

Story #73: Sheriff John Skipper Jr. "I got my driver's license and first car at 14"
                   Anderson County Sheriff

Story #72: Marcus King: "I spent my childhood hanging out with my father and grandfather playing music."                      Greenville singer-songwriter

Story #71: Marvin King: "I was born at Donaldson Air Force Base."
                  Greenville singer-songwriter

Story #70: David Allen: "I'm 6' 5" and no, I didn't play basketball."
                   Owner of Greenville's The Chuck Truck and Half-Apped food trucks

The Downtown Jam #4: Charles Hedgepath, Fayssoux Starling McLean, Baker Maultsby, David Ezell

Story #69: Alix Bernard: "Books are my cocaine."
                      Co-owner of Joe's Place Bookstore in downtown Greenville.

Story #68: Lynne Holcombe: "I've been to Burning Man five times."
                     Greenville Singer-songwriter

Story #67: Zachary Eikenberry: "I grew up around beards, bonnets and wooden pews on Sundays"
                     Founding CEO of Greenville's Next High School