December 2016

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Story #163: Lisa Cooley Scott: "I grew up in my parents' hardware store surrounded by earthworms,
                     pot belly stove politics and peanuts in a bottle of Coke"  Mayor of Duncan, SC

Story #162: Vincent Harris: "When I was 10, a woman in a bikini handed me a cassette of AC/DC and told
                                               me it would change my life."   Music Writer for the Greenville Journal

Story #161: Allen Henderson: "Spent some of childhood chasing lizards and getting water out of cactus in
                   Arizona."   General Manager of HIS Radio

Story #160: Eric Weiler: "I own over 50 electric guitars"
                     Greenville singer-songwriter

Story #159: Jacob Ebersole: "I was really into martial arts as a kid."
                     Youth leader for Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Campobello, SC

The Downtown Jam #14Charles Hedgepath with My Girl, My Whiskey and Me.

Story #158: Jeffrey Akers: " I was a boy in a bubble for two years as a kid."
                     Pastor and Filmmaker

Special episode: Greenville Swamp Rabbits International Business Night
                             Podcast featuring local international business leaders and Swamp Rabbits loyal fans

Story #157: Angela Easterling: "Mom lost me in the mall when I was 2 and found me later banging on a
                    Piano store piano.  

The 2016 Christmas Jam: Charles Hedgepath, Jacob Johnson, Greg Payne, Matt Parks, Audrey Hamilton
                                             and My Girl, My Whiskey and Me.

Story #156: Chris Lewis: :I wanted to be firefighter when I was a kid."
                     President and General Manager of the Greenville Swamp Rabbits

Story #155: Cherington Love Shucker: "As a teen, I thought it was daring to cut school to eat
                     lunch at Carolina Fine Foods."  Ex. Dir. of the Greenville Center for Creative Arts.