November 2016

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Story #154: Tony Sturey: "I set up a weather station on the roof of my high school as a teen."
                     National Weather Service meteorologist.

Story #153: Cliff Harpst: "As a teen, I wanted to be a clothing store manager."
                     WW 2 vet and Greer ambassador

Story #152: Jannan Poppen: "My name is a Southernized version of an Arabic name meaning 'love.''
                    Greenville Travel writer

Story #151: Shane Ericks: "At 6 tears old, I was singing in a large cathedral in the Philippines."
                    Taylors singer-songwriter

Story #150: Cliff Stoudt: "In seventh grade, I was the scrawniest kid on our football team."
                     Retired NFL quarterback

Story #149: Tone Hollywood: "I was a HUGE WWF wrestling fan as a teen."
                     Greenville's HOT 98.1 morning show host

The Downtown Jam #13: Charles Hedgepath and Mourning Dove featuring Lisa Stubbs and Niel Brooks

Story #148: Mayor Larry Bagwell: "I'm a child of the Mill Village."
                      Mayor of Easley

Story #147: Nick Nicholson: "For my sixth birthday, I got an old record player, a box of 45s from
                     the 60s and a drum set."   Liberty country music singer-songwriter