October 2016

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Story #146: Tony Lee: "I was a cut up as a teen."
                     Coordinator of Greenville County Sheriff's Office Crime Stoppers

Story #145: Erin Corrales-Diaz: "I started going gray at thirteen."
                      Curator of The Johnson Collection in Spartanburg.

Story #144: Rob Dempsey: "Homeless and alone at 16."
                     HIS Radio Morning Crew radio host

Story #143: John Durham: "As a kid, I loved playing hockey."
                    Co-producer.musical director for Local Green Music

Story #142: Brittney Brackett: "I was a huge tomboy as a teen."
                     Creator of the Outstanding Youth Awards

Story #141: Anna Catherine Thornley: "I'm an only child AND 1 of 15 siblings."
                   Sales and Marketing Coordinator for the City of Greenville in Special Events.

The Downtown Jam #12: Charles Hedgepath, Mark Dye, Matt Reynolds and Dr. Luz Beatz

Story #140: Mike Jenkins: "As a teen, the Merced, CA police asked me to leave their town."
                     Greenville County Deputy patrolling the Swamp Rabbit Trail

Story #139: Rob Morgan: "I was a debater in high school."
                     CEO of UBooster

Story #138: JJ Dae: "I was a two time All American Champion wrestler in college."