January, 2016

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Story #66: Joe Gagnon: "I was the goofiest troublemaker on the planet as a kid."
                   Fox Carolina Feature News Reporter

Story #65: Sheriff Ricky Chastain: " I started my own sawmill when I was a teenager."
                   Laurens County Sheriff

Story #64: Toby Stansell: "I grew up where the atomic bomb was invented and created."
                   President and COO of Greenville's AcumenIT

Story #63: Megan Hoyt: "I know a chicken."
                  Easley musician and music therapist

Story #62: Jennifer Evins: "My early career in the Upstate included pencils, paperclips and garbage."
                   President and CEO of Spartanburg's Chapman Cultural Center.

The Downtown Jam #3: Charles Hedgepath, Kelly Jo, Darby Wilcox

Story #61: William Brown: "I milked a cow everyday from fifth grade through graduation."
                  Founder and Board Chair of Legacy Charter School

Story #60: Hans Wenzel: "I was late to school so often as a teen, they stopped giving me detention for it."
                  Greenville singer-songwriter

Story #59: Rick Erwin: "My first job was washing dishes at The Western Family Steakhouse at 14."
                  Owner of Greenville's Rick Erwin Dining Group