December 2015

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The Christmas Jam 2015: The Downtown Jam celebrates the holidays with Charles Hedgepath, 
    Kelly Jo, Marvin King, Darby Wilcox and Jef Chandler. Greenville

#50: Emily Price: "I own an African Pygmy Hedgehog named Flower."  Digital Strategist for
Community Journals and Furman University Adjunct Professor of Digital Communication.  Greenville

#51: Jimm Cox: "My childhood home had no running water or central heat."
         Director of USC Upstate Theater, Spartanburg

The Downtown Jam #2: Charles Hedgepath, Marcus King, Marvin King.

#52: Brooks Dixon: "I ran cross country and track in high school."  
         Greenville singer-songwriter.

#53: Steve Loftis: "My first car was an aqua green 1965 Mustang."
          Sheriff of Greenville County.

#54: Harrison Brookie: "I was the 'lovable little buddy' as a teen, pretty irresponsible and pretty fun."
          Founder and Creative DIrector for Greenville's Alchemy Comedy Theater.

#55: Mike Pennington: "I was not the popular kid in high school."
         President of Greenville Chamber's Pulse and owner of Rhino Concessions.

#56: Allen McCalla: "The fun part of my job is that it's so different every day."
          Executive Artistic Director of the Greenville Little Theater.

#57: Dr. Eric McKibben: "I observed an open heart surgery when I was 16."
         Clemson University Adjunct Professor of Psychology and co-founder of LMX

#58: Dr. Mac Arnold: "I moved out of my parents' house when I was 15."
          Greenville's legendary Blues musician