November 2015 Guests

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#40: Cecil Bonner: " I was raised with 14 kids in a three bedroom house."
         Anderson District 5 Career Campus principal

#41: Mark Dawson: "I went to high school in California, Germany and North Dakota."
         Kemet Business Intelligence Dept. Team Leader, Greenville

#42: Stephanie Dawson: "I went to an all-girl Catholic high school."  Greenville LPN

#43: John F. Green, "My most distinctive childhood memories are White Sox games with Dad."
          Director of the Spartanburg Science Center

The Downtown Jam #1; Charles Hedgepath, Doug Jones, Jef Chandler

#44: Charles Hedgepath: "At 15, I got my first professional gig from my calculus teacher."
         Greenville singer-songwriter

#45: Eddie Leopard: "I hung out with the wrong crowd as a teen which led me down the wrong road for a
         little while."  Lead Pastor of Greer's Fariview Baptist Church.

#46: Evan Harris: "My childhood memories include sporting a rat tail and Members Only jacket."
         Greenville Improv comedian, actor and podcaster.

#47: Rakhi Barkowski: "My childhood includes a small village in India, a motel in Stockton, CA and Silicon Valley"  Powdersville board certified internist.

#48: Mayor Knox White: "My childhood included opening a store and starting a newspaper."
         Mayor of Greenville.

#49: Jeremy Boeh: "I had zero ambition or drive as a teenager."  
         Greenville's Next High School Entrepreneurship Director