December 2018

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Story #355-R: Dean Hybl: “The county where I grew up still does not have a stop light.”
Executive Director of Ten at the Top

Story #354: Curtis Harper: “My first job, at 13, was putting the hamburgers on the conveyor belt.”
Broker-in-Charge of Sirius Realty

Story #353: Traci Fant: “As a kid, I sat on Rosa Parks front porch.”

The Downtown Jam #38: Charles Hedgepath, Brooks Dixon, Jillian Sprague and Mitch Miller.

Story #352: Sheri Taylor: “Most people think I’m going to end up on Jupiter.”
Magic 98.9 Mid Day DIva

Story #351: Jay Spivey: “Growing up, holidays were like going back to Mayberry.”
publisher of Fete Greenville

November 2018

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Story #351: Jay Spivey: “Growing up, holidays were like going back to Mayberry.”
publisher of Fete Greenville

Story #350: Evelyn Lugo: “Going in my backyard growing up was magic.”
CEO of the South Carolina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Story #349-R: Jil Littlejohn: “I was the oldest, the youngest and the only child all at
the same time.”
Greenville City Councilwoman and Urban League CEO

The Downtown Jam™ #37: Charles Hedgepath, Katie D, Eric Weiler and Joe Jones.

Story # 348-r: Steve Kovalcik: “I was one of the mischievous ones in the neighborhood.”
City of Greenville Fire Chief

Story #347-R: John Crenshaw: “I was very shy.”
Upstate South Carolina country music radio personality

October 2018

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Story #346-R: Danielle Cuddie: “I was 100% certain that our house was not normal growing up.”

Story #345-R: Steve Bailey: “In my house, if you didn’t attain the rank of Eagle Scout, you didn’t eat.”
CEO of Merus Refreshment Services

Story #344-R: Phil Yanov: “I didn’t spend much time around people as a kid.”
Tech After Five, Greenville

The Downtown Jam #36: Charles Hedgepath, Ken Ledbetter, John Martin and Karl Lauber

Story #343-R: Bill Love: “At the age of five, I had the run of the town.
local radio legend

Story #342-R: Laurie Roven: "“I was a great Good Humor lady.”
Executive Director of Greenville’s Pendleton Place

September 2018

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Story #341: Matt Morgan: “I was going to be an Air Force pilot.”
local musician and owner of Sit and Spin Recording Studio

Story #340: Brenda Verdone: “I was bullied.”
ANEW Natural Health and Yoga

The Downtown Jam #35: Charles Hedgepath, Matt Fassas, Jessica Ticko and Jeff Edwards.

Story #339-R: Eddie Brown: “I learned to speak Vietnamese.”

Story #338-R: Eric g Wood: “I grew up without a car.”
Host of Another Voice with Eric and Friends

August 2018

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Story #337: Loyd Ford: "As a teen, I lived all over the country."
                      host of The Stories of the Upstate.

Story #336: David White: "I was born on April Fool's Day."
                         founder and CEO of Fostering Great Ideas

Story #335: Ariel Turner: "As a teen, I wanted to be in the CIA."
                     Greenville Journal restaurant and commercial real estate reporter.

Story #334: Travis Wharton: "All the people who lived on the street where I grew up were related
                       to me."   Spartanburg Education Coordinator for the Urban League of the Upstate

Story #333: Moody Black: "I was always drawing and painting as a teen."
                      Poet and spoken word artist

Story #332: Jeremy Theall: "I was one of the best runners in South Carolina when I was in high school."
                       Founder of Future Chord

Story #331: Ben Bounds: "I once interviewed Bo and Luke Duke."
                    owner of Follywood Productions

The Downtown Jam™# 34: Charles Hedgepath, Karl Lauber, Zac Kellum and David Sims

Story #330: Pamela Evette: "I was the youngest of 35 cousins."
                      President and CEO of Quality Business Solutions

Story #329: Lindsey Dixon: "My childhood was sand between my toes, salt water in my hair
                      and PB&J for lunch."     Manger of Downtown Greenville's Chicora Alley

July 2018

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Story #328: Larry Stuart: " I was an opening act for Phyllis Diller for eight years."
                       Upstate SC author and speaker

Story #327: Sharon Phillips: "Growing up, I couldn't wait for the church doors to open."
                     co-founder of The Homeless Period Project

Story #326: Hugo Montanez: "my friends and I would skip class in high school, climb palm trees and eat
                      coconuts."  Owner of Spartanburg's Burrito Hub

Story #325: Emily Henning: "I modeled on QVC and interned with the Philadelphia Eagles."
                     WSPA Channel 7 traffic anchor

Story #324: Rob Seel: "I share a birthday with Frankie Valli."
                         Upstate architect and musician

Story #323: Josh Sproelstra: "I was an adrenaline junkie and daredevil as a teen."
                      Lead teaching pastor with Clemson's Downtown Community Church

The Downtown Jam #33Charles Hedgepath with Andrew Oliver, Stephen Oliver and Morgan Riley

Story #322: Mike Cruice: "I grew up a good Irish Catholic boy."
                        owner of

Story #321: Joshua Jones: "In 2006, I was in the Top 30 on American Idol."
                      Greenville filmmaker and musician

2018 4th of July Weekend Music Special: A celebration of celebration of Upstate South Carolina singer-songwriters

Story #320: Gwen Pollard: "When I was a teen, I was probably the hardest kid my parents had to raise."                             Hawaiian Shirts for Deployed Troops

June 2018

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Story #319: Leonard Pitts: "My twin brother and I had a dance group when we were teens."
                      Gaffney, SC entrepreneur

Story #318: Roxanne Cordonier: "As a teen, I was all the boys' friend, but never their girlfriend."
                     Emrys Foundation

Story #317: Carl Sobocinski: "Growing up, I spent a lot of time baling hay and feeding baby calves."
                       President of Table 301 Restaurant Group

Story #316: Tyler J. Pearson: "My childhood was baseball, fishing, dogs and listening to music in my room."
                    Easley singer-songwriter

Story #315: Lauren Stephens: "I learned to spell by jumping rope."
                    Director of Social Ministries for Greenville's Salvation Army

The Downtown Jam™ #32:  Charles Hedgeath, Tyler J. Pearson, Samuel Kruer and Kelly Jo

Story #314: Ryan Heafy: "One year for Valentine's Day, I gave carnations to every girl in my high school,
                                           430+ girls."   GVLToday

Story #313" Taylor McCall: "When I was first learning guitar, they had me playing "Mary Had a
                      Little Lamb, but I wanted to play Ozzy Osbourne."  Easley singer-songwriter

Story #312: Teresa Hough: "I was the female James Dean in high school, a definite rebel."
                     Executive Director of Ballet Spartanburg

May 2018

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Story #311: Taylor Correll-Greer: " Being a part of my high school marching band turned me into a social
             butterfly." Owner of Events With Taylor and special events planner for the Chapman Cultural Center

Story #310: Brad Phillips: "I play guitar in several bands when I was in high school."
                     Owner of Studio 101

2018 Memorial Day Music Special: A celebration of Upstate South Carolina singer-songwriters

Story #309: Andrea Huerta: "Sharing The Andy Griffith Show and root beer popsicles with my grandpa
                      was a big part of my childhood."    Business and Babies blogger

Story #308: Eli Harrison: " I started my first company when I was 12, selling duct tape wallets."
                      Next High School student and CEO of All Pro Learning

Story #307: Tim Waller: " I was a wild teenager with long bushy hair and a solid brass Styx belt buckle."

Story #306: Lesley Diane: "When I was a child, I fell in love with British ghost stories."
                      Greenville singer-songwriter and guitar teacher

Story #305: Brent Manley: "I was once a casino dealer."
                      Triathlete coach with Greenville's Without Limits.

The Downtown Jam #31: Charles Hedgepath, Mark Webb Jr, Adam Carter, Taylor McCall, Jeff Holland
                                             and Jeremy Brewer.

Story #304: Blair Knobel: "I will travel for food."
                     Editor-in-Chief of Town Magazine

Story #303: Andrew Oliver: "I was always up to no good as a kid."
                       singer-songwriter and one half of the band Brother Oliver

April 2018

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Story #302: Rebecca Hammond Yager: "Growing up, I was either reading or wandering."
                       Greenville writer

Story #301: Pressley Stutts: "As a teen, I ran away from home 3 times and the third time, at 16, it stuck."
                    CEO of

Story #300: Alrinthea Carter: "I learned to read when I was two. If I didn't have a book, I'd read
                      the boxes and cans in the kitchen." 
                     Clemson academic adviser and Alchemy Comedy Theater executive producer

Story #299: Johnny Ray: "Heavy metal, punk rock and George Carlin were the big influences in my
                       teenage life."   Clemson podcaster from The Ratio Podcast.

Story #298: Kyle Rowland: "I've seen Wide Spread Panic in concert 28 times."
                      Taylors singer-songwriter

Story #297: Will McCameron: "Growing up, I was a wild child playing in the woods."
                       Brewmaster and owner of Brewery 85

The Downtown Jam #30:Charles Hedgepath and Neil Brooks

Story #296: Tom Strange: "I raced dirt bikes as a teen."
                       Director of Research and Development with Abbott Laboratories

Story #295: Mary Norris: "Sometimes I communicate using animal noises rather than using
                     English."  Spartanburg singer-songwriter

Story #294: Stephanie Acker: "As a kid, I read the encyclopedia during the summer and wrote
                      book reports about it."  Founder of In The

March 2018

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Story #293: Edwin Lashley: "The best way to describe my childhood is Calvin and Hobbes
                      Seneca artist and sculptor

Story #292: Will Rutherford: "As a kid, I wanted to be a mad inventor."
                       Creator and owner of Escape Artist Greenville

Story #291: Patrick Michaels: "I thought I was going to be a dock worker when I grew up."
                       President and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Upstate/Midlands South Carolina

Story #290: Mark Webb Jr. "I was an emo kid as a teen."
     Easley singer-songwriter

Story #289: Tricia Eichhorn: "I make any excuse to wear costumes throughout October because I am
 obsessed with Halloween."   GHS Bariatric Surgeon

The Downtown Jam #29: Charles Hegepath and Kyle Rowland

Story #288: John DeWorken: "I wanted to be a fireman when I was a kid."
                     Owner/partner with The Sunnie & DeWorken Group

Story #287: Biz City: "I once slept in a graveyard."
                      Greenville Christian Hip-Hop artist

Story #286: Meredith Rigdon: "My older brother kicked my teeth out on Christmas Eve when I
                      was seven."  Founder of Narrative Strategic Communications

Story #285: Chase Michaels: "I was a bit of a prankster as a teen.
                      CEO of Greenville's Locally Epic

February 2018

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Story #284: Elizabeth LaFleur: "Reading was my thing growing up; reading multiple books at the same time."                Greenville News reporter and column writer

Story #283: Matthew Kay: "To be me as a kid was weird."
                       singer-songwriter and guitarist for The Hustle

Story #282: Dan Hamilton: "As a kid, my family nickname was Prince Choosy."
                       Keller Williams Upstate realtor and SC State Representative

Story #281: Stephen Grant: "I was a risk taker as a teen,"
                      Founder of The Chris and Kelly's Hope Foundation

The Downtown Jam #28: Charles Hedgepath and Keith Davis

Story #280: Brittany Vanover: "I'm a poet, a singer, a songwriter and a goof."
                      Owner of Spartanburg's Union Street Coffee Bar

Story #279: Cory Harrison: "I didn't have a toothbrush until I was a freshman in high school."
                       Executive Director of YMCA Camp Greenville

Story #278: Jeremy Brewer: "My childhood was bluegrass music being played on the front porch."
                      singer-songwriter and member of Taught By Heroes

Story #277: Sara Bell: "Once, as a kid, I held my breath until I passed out and still didn't get my way."
                    owner of The Gorge Zip Line and Green River Adventures

January 2018

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Story #276: Ryan Ross: "My childhood was a lot of snow and a lot of kids playing in the snow."
                      -owner of Ross Drone Photography

Story #275: Geoff Wasserman: "I played the trombone in my high school jazz band."
                     CEO and Chief Brand Officer for The Brand Leader

Story #274: Sarah Lyons: "I would describe my childhood as wild and range-free."
                      Greenville mother and artist

Story #273: Dex Mitchell: "I love aquariums."
                     Hot 98.1 FM morning show host

Story #272: Ed Campbell: "As a teen, I wanted to be Bjorn Borg."
                     Seneca singer-songwriter and member of The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show and
                      Pine Tar Rage

Story #271: Nicole Ramsbey: "I don't have a tailbone."
                    Simpsonville triathlete and Sprint Communications account executive

The Downtown Jam #27™:Charles Hedgepath, Matt Kay and Mark Webb Jr.

Story #270: Raquel Lamberth: "Growing up, I played hopscotch and tennis in the streets of South Africa."
                       New U.S. citizen

Story #269: JJ Woolbright: "When I was a kid, I used to sneak out so I could listen to the music
                      coming from Big John's Jamboree."  Westminster singer-songwriter and
                       front man for JJ Woolbright and The Whiskey Road.

December 2017

                                     To listen to a guest's story, click on their name.

Story #268: Russell Stall: "In high school, I knew Greenville wasn't cool and I was getting out and never
                      coming back."  Organizer of TEDx Greenville and Greenville City Councilman

Story #267: Jeff Rose: "My mind is like a gyroscope lit on fire."
                     South Carolina photographer

Story #266: Brad Willis: "Wil Wheaton got me my job."
                      Greenville poker writer

Story #265: JL Fulks: "I was a sponsored skate boarder for a couple local skate shops when I was a teen."

Story #264: Dr. Elizabeth Morris: "I was on Team USA for synchronized ice skating in 2005-2006."
                         Dr. of family medicine focusing on lifestyle medicine

The Downtown Jam #26: Charles Hegepath and The Bad Popes featuring Mike Bagwell, 
                                                Chris Garrett, Jef Chandler and Joe Cash.

Story #263: Matthew Rollins: "I was an only child and spent many a day slinging a tennis
                      ball against my grandparent's garage."

Story #262: Brad Keaton: "We didn't watch TV when I was a kid; we didn't even own one."
                       Moore, SC singer-songwriter

Story #261: Lynn Pilewski: "I fed chickens to the alligators over the fence in my backyard
   growing up."  Education Program Coordinator, Greenville County Soil and Water Conservation

November 2017

                                   To listen to a guest's story, click on their name.

Story #260: Dick James: "I was a parole officer while I was in law school."
                       Greenville attorney and senior partner in the Dick James Law FIrm

Story #259: Con Williamson: "I was a 98 lb wrestler in high school."
                      co-President and CCO of E P + Co

Story #258: Wendy Watkins: "I once bought a bacon costume for Halloween."
                       -Owner of Upstate Nutrition and Plate 108

Story #257: Ryan Heil: "I was a bit clumsy and goofy as a kid."
                     Former CM of Zipbuds and Clemson PhD candidate

Story #256: Morgan Riley: "I took hip hip and belly dancing classes when I was a teen and got really good
                      at both." Greenville singer-songwriter."

Story #255: Perry J. William, "I'm a fanatic about beets and love to cook them in multitude different ways."
                      Chairman of Greer Commission of Public Works.

Story #254: Andrea Cooper: Building forts and ice skating with my friends were a big part of my childhood.
                        Executive Director of Upstate Forever

The Downtown Jam™ #25: Charles Hedgepath, Alex Hunnicutt, and Daniel Harper

Story #253: John Jeter: "For a few years growing up, I had the biggest, best, safest playground and 1, 800
                      older brothers."   Converse College adjunct professor and freelance writer.

Story #252: Rush Morgan: "I was always getting into mischief as a teen and was good at keeping
                      it a secret."  Central singer-songwriter.

October 2017

                                       To listen to a guest's story, click on their name.

Story #251: Taryn Scher: "I danced on the field of Pro Player Stadium during the Orange Bowl when I was
                     in college."  Sparkle Boss (CEO) of TK PR

Story #250: Jason Elliott: "From my teen years, I've had a fascination with the weather."
                       Greenville attorney and SC State Representative

Story #249: Erin Jones: "I found out that I'm related to Pocahontas."
                      Director of the Museum and Gallery at Bob Jones University

Story #248: Jamie Hughes: "I love comic books and superheroes."
                      College Outreach Educator for Spartanburg's SAFE Homes Rape Crisis Coalition
                      Founder and Facilitator of Writing for Well-Being

Story #247: Adam Carter: "I was in ROTC in high school planning on going to West Point to be a military
                      lawyer."  Westminster singer-songwriter.

Story #246: Jason Farr: "I'm a super nerd about the Eagles."

The Downtown Jam #24Charles Hedgepath and the LOZ Band featuring John Durham, Wes Treadway, Josh Forbus and Dr. LuvBeats

Story #245: David Kabrin: "As a teen, my mother told me to go out and get into a little trouble."
                  Founder and CEO of Greenville360

Story #244: Mac Hobbs: "As a kid, I was banging on pots and pans in the hallway and annoying my parents."   Greenville singer-songwriter and founder of The Social Contracts

Story #243: Kent Smith: "I was not good at sitting still as a kid."
                      CEO of Cliffs Land Partners

September 2017

                             To listen to a guest's story, click on their name.


Story #242: Leslie Haas: "I'm a total nerd who can tell you everything about how the body works
                     biologically."   Co-Founder and Strategsit at Paper Airplanes

Story #241: Kevin Mihaly: "The Jersey boardwalks were my childhood complete with pinball machines, 
                      cotton candy and hot dogs."  Emmy winner, former ESPN staffer and photographer

Story #240: Gray Lee: "I spent my childhood by myself drawing, writing poems and re-purposing my toys."
                      Greenville balladeer.

Story #239: Allen Smith: "In 5th grade, I was Elvis."
                     President and CEO of the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce

Story #238: Deb Richardson-Moore: "I jokingly say my night light saved my marriage."
                     Author and pastor of the Triune Mercy Center.

The Downtown Jam #23Charles Hedgepath, John Durham and Rush Morgan

Story #237: Seldon Peden: " As a kid, I wasn't a rule breaker.  I was more of a 'rule tester'."
                     Greenville Summary Court Judge

Story #236: Heidi Chapman: "I'm actually really epic at the kazoo."
                      Lead singer of Randomonium

Story #235: Dirk Van Hyning: "I've taken things that my kids discarded and turned them
                       into art, like a NYC subway map made with Tinkertoys."
                    CEO of Alexium International

August 2017

                                   To listen to a guest's episode, click on their name.

Story #234: Todd Horne: "From birth until now, I've moved 12 times."
                      Vice President of Business Development for Clayton Construction

Story #233: William Timmons: "I was always busy as a kid, busy getting into trouble."
                      South Carolina State Senator

Story #232: Mike Sablone: "I was the tiniest teenager, by far, in my high school."
                      Producing Artistic Director for Greenville's Warehouse Theater

Story #231: Frank Mobley: "I love baseball and have loved it since I was a kid."
                                            CEO of Immedion

Story #230: Dr. Richard Gibbons: "As a teen, I was in a band, playing guitar and various Celtic Folk music
                                                         Instruments.: Pastor of Greenville's 1st Presbyterian Church

Story #229: Jeff Holland: "I got my first Mickey Mouse drum set when I as 5 and wore it out by the time I
                       was 5 and a half."  Multi-ethnic percussionist and instructor with DRUM4WORK.

Story #228: Emily McSherry: "My childhood home came with a horse, some goats, chickens and a few pigs.
                      Founder of Cannabis Forward

The Downtown Jam #22: Charles Hedgepath, Shannon Hoover and Jack Ryan.

Story #227: Dumah: "My earliest art memories involve drawing Speedy Gonzalez."
                      Greenville live music painter and free lance artist.

Story #226: Lecretia Robinson: " Starting when I was 2 yrs old, I sang with a traveling 4-part
                     harmony quartet."  singer-songwriter with The ThunderRoad Band

July 2017

                             To listen to a guest's episode, click on the name.

Story #225: Megan Finnern: "I spent a few weeks a year in the hospital until I was 10 yrs old."
                      Independent Marketing Consultant

Story #224: Cliff Witherspoon: "I love science, physics, and chemistry; basically I'm really a geek at heart.
                      owner of Red Arrow Entertainment.

Story #223: Tim Joiner: "I built my hometown's first website and the mayor's re-election website when
                      I was 14."  CEO of 3Fold Creative

Story #222: Will Lewis: "My childhood was all about fishing, hunting and farming."
                      Sheriff of Greenville County

Story #221: Steve Watson: "I was playing gigs in night clubs with high school seniors when I was in 7th grade."         Greenville jazz musician and teacher

Story #220: Lenny Mathis: "I’ve been a sports mascot from time to time, including once as a running toilet."
                      Associate Athletic Director of Marketing for Wofford

The Downtown Jam "21: A tribute to Matt Reynolds featuring his original music performed by
                                            Charles Hedgepath, Darby Wilcox and Mark Charles Dye.

Story #219: Monroe Free: "My wife and I are total nerds; we rock at Trivial Pursuit."
                     President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Greenville

Story #218: Troy Jones: "Growing up, I played roller hockey with the neighbor kids, including all the fights
                     which we loved."  Greenville musician

Story #217: Katie Hughes: "As a kid, I woke up to Vivaldi and Chopin, rather than an alarm clock"
                     Special Events Coordinator for the Village of West Greenville

June 2017

                                                   To listen to a guest's episode, click on their name.

Story #216: Amy Doyle: "I had REALLY BIG hair as a teen and my track coach hated it."
                      Greenville City Councilwoman

Story #215: John Lummus: "Growing up, if there was a sport to be watched, it was on our televison."
                     President and CEO of Upstate SC Alliance.

Story #214: Robert Gowan: "As a child, I ran around the grocery store singing at people."
                         Singer and front man for Wasted Wine

Story #213: Meredith Piper: "I dressed to beat of my own drum as a teen and I can't say that I always
                     looked good."    Greenville artist

Story #212: Ty Houck: "My mom made me hold an egg all the time when I was a kid."
                      Director of Greenways, Natural and Historic Resources for Greenville County
                       Recreation Disrict.

Story #211: Angie Hubbard: "I LOVE hockey, esp. when the players beat each other up."
                    CEO of Adroit Systems Co.

The Downtown Jam #20: Charles Hedgepath with Vilai Harrington and the Hamptones featuring
                                              Vilai Harrington, Connor Fagan and Matthew Crisp

Story #210: Dr. Martha Durham: "I was a cheerleader in high school and it's sort of embarrassing now."
                     psychologist with North Main Counseling and Wellness

Story #209: Jeff Edwards: "I'm a HUGE Dr. Who fan."
                     Greenville singer-songwriter

Story #208: Greg McPhee: "I was a bit difficult to deal with as a teen."
                     Executive chef and owner for The Anchorage