The Stories of the Upstate™ #336: (David White) "I was born on April Fool's Day."

                         Story #336 comes from the Founder and CEO of Fostering Great Ideas, David White.


"I developed a think tank to answer the question, 'Now what?' is how David White describes Fostering Great Ideas.  David told us that when children enter the foster care system, they've lost everything: their parents, their pets, their home, their siblings and they face the future wondering, "Now What?"  David felt he had learned to listen well to people who have been marginalized from his time as a teen working in a homeless shelter and felt that his entrepreneurial skills would be vital in creating solutions to the difficulties faced by children facing an uncertain future in the foster care system.  Fostering Great Ideas has developed some innovative solutions, like Sib-Link, which helps to keep siblings connected in the foster care system and strives everyday to think like a child in the system, to try to understand their fears, their needs and develop the solutions these kids deserve.

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