The Stories of the Upstate™ #326: (Hugo Montanez) "My friends and I would skip class in high school,climb palm trees and eat coconuts."

                          Story #326 comes from the owner of Spartanburg's Burrito Hub, Hugo Montanez.


His mother is an amazing cook.  His brother, the person who's like a mentor to him,  owns two restaurants in Pittsburgh, so it should come as no surprise that Hugo Montanez makes his living bringing Mexican cuisine to Spartanburg.  As the owner of Spartanburg's Burrito Hub, Hugo serves traditional Mexican fare, but he does so with his own take on the classics.  Knowing that more customers are eating healthy, Hugo has created vegan and vegetable forward versions of the Mexican foods we all love.  He even has three different guacamole, including with bacon and blue cheese. 

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