The Stories of the Upstate™ #323: (Josh Sproelstra) "I was an adrenaline junkie and daredevil as a teen."

The lead teaching pastor at Clemson's Downtown Community Fellowship, Josh Sproelstra brings our 323rd story.


"I want to practice what I preach and preach what I practice," said Josh Sproelstra, lead teaching pastor at Clemson's Downtown Community Fellowship.  Josh told us that this idea of practicing what he preaches was the result of following the example of his professors in seminary.  He said many of his professors were also active in ministry, chaplains and pastors.  They were putting to practical use what they were teaching and this made a lasting impression on him.  Josh also told us that one of the joys he has with his ministry at Downtown Community Fellowship is that the majority of those who attend are Clemson students so he is able to bridge academia with the church.

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