The Stories of the Upstate™ #318: (Roxanne Cordonier) "As a teen,I was all the boys’ friends, but never any of their girlfriends."

                            Story #318 comes from Roxanne Cordonier with Emrys Foundation.


"Poetry is the most difficult and most beautiful form of writing," according to Roxanne Cordonier with Emrys Foundation.  Roxanne wrote poetry growing up but had sat that aside as her career led her into radio (in the Upstate with My 102.5 FM).  Attending poetry groups and workshops with the Emrys Foundation got her back in touch with her poetry and made her a better writer.  Nurturing a culture of writing is what Emrys does; nurturing a culture of reading and writing through classes work shops, public book readings and open mic nights.  

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