The Stories of the Upstate #317: (Carl Sobosinski) "Growing up, I spent a lot of time baling hay and feeding baby calves."

                         The President of Table 301 Restaurant Group, Carl Sobocinski brings, our 317th story.


According to Carl Sobocinski, President of Table 301 Restaurant Group, "Dining out is about three things: the food that's on the table, the service we are given and the ambience."   In his role with Table 301, he focuses on the service and ambience, but he did spend a year and a half in the kitchen so he could be knowledgeable about the culinary aspect of his restaurants.  What might surprise folks is that TV's Mike Brady played a major role in Carl being here in Greenville.  Inspired by the father of the Brady Bunch, Carl wanted to be an architect and followed that dream to Clemson University.  It is Greenville's very good culinary fortune that Carl did not continue down the architecture path, instead choosing to bring our community the outstanding dining experiences of the restaurants of Table 301.

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