The Stories of the Upstate™ #296: (Tom Strange) "I raced dirt bikes as a teen."

Story #296 comes from Tom Strange, Senior Director of Research and Development with Abbott Laboratories


Tom Strange told us that his goal in life is to turn his passions into something that can make people's lives better and he's done just that.  From his childhood, science was his constant companion.  He loved the Space Program and TV nature programs.  He explored his back yard and used a microscope he got as a kid to look for the secrets science had to offer.  But it was physics and something as routine as capacitors that would allow Tom to turn passion into life saving.  While working for a company on commercial capacitors, he tried to understand how they worked, what was the root principal and that led to him making a discovery that led to an invention that revolutionized the implanted defibrillator and the creation of St. Jude Medical, now Abbott Laboratories.  His passion definitely made people's lives better as nearly 1/3 of all defibrillators implanted today have his technology in them.  On a personal level, a defibrillator from his company saved his sister's life.