The Stories of the Upstate™ #302: (Rebecca Hammond Yager) "Growing up, I was either reading or wandering."

                               Our 302nd story comes from Greenville writer, Rebecca Hammond Yager.


 The author of Winds Cove, Rebecca Hammond Yager, has been telling stories her whole life.  As a young child, when she was playing with her dolls, the dolls were characters in the stories in her head.  By first grade, Rebecca was drawing as a way to get those stories out.  Poetry came next in third grade and finally, in sixth grade, she started sharing her stories through novels.  People who want to be writers often get to caught up in the process of writing, getting the right chair; taking the right class, etc.  When we asked Rebecca how to become a writer, she said,"What makes you a writer is siting your butt in the chair and writing something from start to finish.  If you want to write, then just write."

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