The Stories of the Upstate™ #294: (Stephanie Acker) "As a kid, I used to read the encyclopedia during the summer and wrote book reports on them."

             Story #294 comes from the founder of In The Know, Stephanie Acker


Suppose you wanted to find a great Italian restaurant in Anderson and an art gallery in Spartanburg and you wanted to listen to some Blues in Greenville; where would you look?  Stephanie Acker has the answer for you.  In fact, she's the founder of, a site where you can discover what to do, eat and experience all over the Upstate, all in one place.  Stephanie found that the Upstate is rich in things to do, places to eat, events, movements, etc, but that most of us lose out on these great experiences because we don't know where to go to find them and sometimes we aren't even aware that events are happening.  So this closet nerd from childhood, who used to read the encyclopedia just for fun, created a brilliant website to let all of us in on the awesomeness that is Upstate South Carolina.  Stephanie's goal is to give us a tool that lets us live life locally and to connect with our community on our terms. 

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