The Stories of the Upstate™ #299: (Johnny Ray) "Heavy metal, punk rock and George Carlin were the big influences in my teenage life."

                            Clemson podcaster from The Ratio Podcast, Johnny Ray brings story #299.


"It's kind of like going into a teenage boy's bedroom with 4 rabble-rousers tickled to death that they can finally curse on air," is how Clemson podcaster, Johnny Ray describes his podcast, The Ratio Podcast.  With the goal of exposing artist that people need to know, Johnny interviews musicians, artists, actors, basically anyone stirring things up in a positive way; folks breaking barriers or pushing the boundaries.  Maybe it was all those childhood years running around with his Walkman and headphones or his teenage diet of heavy metal and punk rock that filled Johnny with a love of music and a desire to share that music that matters with everyone.  The Ratio Podcast provides the outlet for that desire.

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