The Stories of the Upstate™ #297: (Will McCameron) "Growing up, I was a wild child playing in the woods."

                       The brewmaster and owner of Brewery 85, Will McCameron shares out 297th story.


 The brewmaster and owner of Greenville's Brewery 85, Will McCameron explains to us the path for a construction worker turned engineer to becoming a brewmaster and open a brewery.  He tells us that his degree from Clemson University while officially entitled Parks and Recreation with a concentration in travel and tourism should really be called  PTM (party through May).  In other words, he did a lot of drinking and partying, perhaps useful experiences for his future career.  While in college, he made his own wine and after college, began playing around with home brewing.  He realized fairly quickly that engineering was not for him and one night, while home brewing with his wife and future business partner,decided to open a brewery.  It was then on to the World Brewing Academy, first at the Seibel Institute in Chicago and then on to Doemens Academy in Munich.   The rest, as they say, is history.

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