The Stories of the Upstate™ #286: (Meredith Rigdon) "My older brother kicked out my teeth on Christmas Eve when I was seven."

Story #286 comes from the founder of Narratives Strategic Communications and Women's Advocate for Trek Bicycles, Meredith Rigdon.


How does not getting the job you desperately want and running, swimming and cycling get you prepared to have the career you love?  Meredith Rigdon can tell us.  Armed with a marketing degree from Clemson University, Meredith was eager to be the person behind a brand telling their story, but Michelin wanted her in sales.  In her five years in sales, she learned a vital lesson, network, build your network.  Meredith says that it was the network she had built that eventually landed her the marketing job she desired at Michelin and then at Sealed Air.  Meredith tells us that triathlon's have taught her that things will happen along the way, to make your goal difficult to reach, but if you remember that you are strong, remain calm and persevere, you will succeed.  

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