The Stories of the Upstate™ #293: (Edwin Lashley) "The best way to describe my childhood is Calvin and Hobbes."

                               Seneca artist and sculptor, Edwin Lashley created our 293rd story.


His favorite toy growing up was LEGOs.  His mind would be consumed all day building with them.  Knowing his childhood fascination with building things, it's no surprise what Edwin Lashley does today;  metal fabrication and sculpture.  He always loved making things, had a great sense for visualization and strove to understand materials and what they could do.  He started out as a painter, but always had a knack for three dimensions.  When learning sculpture, his focus rested longer on the armature or steel structure that would support is piece, then on his final sculpture and his professor gave him some life altering advice: "Keep working on the metal works, skip the clay."  Today, he creates what he calls 3-D contour drawing.

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