The Stories of the Upstate™ #289: (Tricia Eichhorn) "I make any excuse to wear costumes throughout October because I am obsessed with Halloween."

                Greenville Bariatric Surgeon and Zumba instructor, Dr. Tricia Eichhorn shares Story # 289


"Basically, I operate with chopsticks," is how GHS Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Tricia Eichhorn described her work.  Ok, so it's not really chopsticks, but she told us how they use very long instruments inserted into plastic tubes while being guided by cameras.  Tricia told us that the loss of that third dimension makes these minimally invasive surgeries all the more challenging. The path to becoming this skilled surgeon includes 5 yrs of intense residency, 80 hr work weeks , 30 hr shifts and 1 year of specialty training.  Being a straight A student and burying herself in her schoolwork growing up; as well as working two jobs as a senior in high school, including a job as a certified nursing assistant show Dr. Eichhorn was well on her way to be the talented surgeon she is today.

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