The Stories of the Upstate™ #285: (Chase Michaels) "I was kind of a prankster as a teen."

                                   Greenville's Locally Epic CEO, Chase Michaels, gives us our 285th story.


Chase Michaels grew up in a town of 210 people in Nebraska.  His dad ranched Herford cattle, was the town mailman, ran the town's Mobile gas station and built barns.  Chase's mom ran a local restaurant and his brother ran the town's meat packing plant. Chase told us that everyone in town was providing services for everyone else and if there was something that wasn't being provided, well, someone just stepped up and did it.  Is it any wonder that Chase Michaels created an app that helps small local businesses connect with consumers and consumers find local businesses that can fill the needs they have when they're having them; an app called Locally Epic.  Chase wants us all to remember that the uniqueness of the Upstate depends on our small local businesses and it's up to us, the consumer, to make them thrive.

                                                        To learn more about Locally Epic, click here.