The Stories of the Upstate™ #279: (Cory Harrison) "I didn't have a toothbrush until I was a freshman in high school."

                 Cory Harrison, Executive Director of the YMCA Camp Greenville shares our 279th story.


Cory Harrison grew up poor, not owning a toothbrush until he was in high school, not always having running water and wondering often where his next meal was coming from.  What brought relief and hope for Cory was the one free week of summer camp he enjoyed courtesy of the Salvation Army.  He was able to be a camper for 8 years and one year, he was mopping the floors and the camp director told him that if he kept up the good work, he just might be able to work at the camp.  Sure enough, Cory spent 5 more years on the staff of the camp.  Cory knew at age 15 that he wanted to be a camp director.  Today, Cory Harrison is the executive director of the 4th largest YMCA camp, Camp Greenville where their mission is to leave no child inside, to help kids get in touch with nature and with themselves.  Ultimately, Corey tells us that the YMCA Camp Greenville's goal is help kids be better adults and they do that while having fun and being messy.

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