The Stories of the Upstate™ #278: (Jeremy Brewer) "My childhood was bluegrass music being played on the front porch."

      Story #278 comes from Seneca singer-songwriter and member of Taught By Heroes, Jeremy Brewer.


  Seneca singer-songwriter, Jeremy Brewer grew up with both sides of his family playing bluegrass music on his front porch all the time.  He learned to play several instruments out of necessity because when the family and friends where playing on the front porch, they would switch instruments every few songs, the piano player strumming the guitar, the singer playing the piano.  The front porch jam sessions are not just a nostalgic part of his childhood.  Jeremy tells us that when he's not working, or playing the Taught By Heroes, he's on the front porch and you never know who's going to stop by and join in music.  

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