The Stories of the Upstate ™ #277: (Sara Bell) "Once, as a kid, I held my breath until I passed out and still didn't get my way."

                 The owner of The Gorge Zipline and Green River Adventures, Sara Bell beings story #277


Ziplining into a Gorge, white water kayaking, white water rafting and waterfall rappelling; what kind of person would own businesses doing these things.  Someone who started white water kayaking right out of high school and has been doing it for 20 years.  Someone whose first job out of college was leading 21 day adventure travel trips in Costa Rica where ziplining was a major feature.  Someone who compares starting multiple businesses to childbirth.  Yes, that is what Sara Bell told us when she talked about starting Green River Adventures and The Gorge Zip Line, she said that after your first baby/business, you say "Never Again," but a few years later, you forget the pain, headaches and struggles and want to do it again.  Oh, and the kind of person who takes her family surfing for Christmas in Nicaragua and Barbados would be the exact person to show people the time of their lives zip lining into the Green River Gorge or kayaking/rafting down the Green River.

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