The Stories of the Upstate ™ #270: (Raquel Lamberth) "Growing up, I played hopscotch and tennis in the streets of South Africa."

                                             New U.S. citizen, Raquel Lamberth shares story #270.


Let's meet a new U.S. citizen.  Born and raised in Durban, South Africa; playing hopscotch and tennis in the streets and enjoying the coast, because, as her family said, "the water is free."  Raquel Lamberth loved her upbringing and her homeland and then she followed the call of a christian education to Holmes Bible College in Greenville, South Carolina.  Now, with a daughter currently serving as a U.S. Marine and two sons, soon to become U.S. Marines, she did the hard work, the long hours of study and made the financial sacrifices to trade her green card for citizenship in the country she has come to love.

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