The Stories of the Upstate #269: (JJ Woolbright) "When I was a kid, I use to sneak out so I could listen to the music coming from Big John's Jamboree."

                               Story #269 comes from JJ Woolbright, Westminster singer-songwriter
                                           and front man for JJ Woolbright and The Whiskey Road.


When we asked JJ Woolbright about the song writing process, he said," The song writes itself; I'm just the messenger." He told us that his goal is to tell the stories with truth that folks need to hear.  He said his inspiration comes from everywhere, even from the sounds of a monster truck rally.  Music got a hold of JJ early, through the guitar and drum sounds that came from Big John's Jamboree and through the deep impact that songs from Fleetwood Mac had on him.  He played with groups like the Earthtones, the Bret Michael's band, and the Black River Rebels.  He said there was a struggle inside him between the lead guitar player and the songwriter and he finally decided that he wanted to play his own songs and play the guitar parts the way he wanted and now, with his new band, JJ Woolbright and The Whiskey Road, he can tell those stories that the folks need his own way.  

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