The Stories of the Upstate #273: (Dex Mitchell) "I love aquariums."

                            Story #273 comes from Hot 98.1 FM morning show host, Dex Mitchell.


He told us that his job is so fun and fast that 4 hours flies by like 15 minutes.  As one of the host of the Hot 98.1 FM morning show, Dex Mitchell, he's bantering with Barbie T, playing music, working the controls, doing Facebook Live and having the time of his life.  Dex tells us he came to this prime radio gig the long way, moving all over the country, working the overnights and doing a little production work.   Dedication and always striving to be better are the keys to success according to Dex and his current career demonstrates the truth to his keys; in addition to Hot 98.1 FM's morning show, Dex records shows for stations in Birmingham and Hawaii.

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